With a season that ended with a fake treble, the shot callers at Manchester United appear to have once again given Ed Woodward the free reign of bolstering the squad.

Funny thing is as they do all these spending in hope to restore the club’s status to the heights Sir Alex Ferguson put them, their dealings for the past three years have been one of doing everything contrary to how the Scot built this team for 27 years.

The 75-year old was an advocate of mixing a baseline of youth with proven experience while all the same valuing noble work ethics over needless paparazzi.

For a start, no matter how much they do everything in their power to ignore the warning signs, instead allow three scrappy piece of silver ware blind them from reality, Mourinho’s belief and culture and mode of operation is going to drive them further away from the identity sirs Busby and Alex toiled to establish, an identity that gave them the very thing they are spending millions and selling the club’s soul to get.

The present coach has been around for over a decade and half and has hardly shown any chance of not being a cut throat 2-3-seasons manager.

Despite the current squad possessing players who can play the Croat’s position – Lingard, Martial and Rashford – plus other academy players waiting for their turn, Mou has once more chosen to go for established players – instead of bringing himself down to build the young ones littered in his reserve.

The funny thing is within the next 2-3 years, the Portuguese will be gone and United will be left with players at the diminishing curve points of their careers and youths who never got the chance to mature due to lack of playing time and then United will have to go back to the drawing board all over again.