Jurgen Klopp says that he doesn’t talk to a lot of people outside because he remains inside for a lot of his spare time and hardly makes his way to the market or even to his neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean he is not aware of the excitement that is there among the supporters of the club about a marvelous double that the club might complete by the end of the season.

Liverpool are not only one of the prime contenders for the Premiership title at this stage, they are also one of the two English sides to have made the Round of 4 in the European Cup and there is a common belief that they have enough fuel in the tank to go all the way in both the competitions.

According to Klopp, he understands that the supporters are pretty joyful and chirpy at the moment and they can’t stop discussing the team’s performance, but he and his team don’t want to get into that sort of mood just yet because they have to maintain the position they are in.

Klopp insists that even though the team has played plenty of Football this season, there is no feeling of weariness and exhaustion and they are up for this crucial stage of the season.

“If we are tired, we don’t feel it. We want to be playing and winning, not sitting at home and hoping the others lose or whatever.” Klopp was quoted saying by Mail Online.

Although Liverpool’s opponent in their next European encounter is quite a stellar one as they have to take on Barcelona FC, their remaining four opponents in the Premiership aren’t the strongest ones. Three out of the four are stationed in the bottom half of the table and Liverpool can back themselves to beat them if they play to the best of their abilities.


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