David Beckham continues to promote soccer in the USA

On May 18 of 2013 David Beckham announced his retirement as he played his last professional competitive game with PSG.

In the entire playing career of David Beckham, he has performed in a number of different leagues and clubs including: Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Ac.Milan, LA Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain.

Even though the Englishman performed in some of the biggest clubs in the world of football, one of the teams that he highly praises and considers to be one of his more important ones where he learned a lot of things which helped him on to become a better player and person was with the MLS club LA Galaxy.

David Beckham’s plans to own an expansion team that would compete in the MLS is an ongoing process that is still being developed and the stadium is the next big thing obstacle that Beckham and his group of investors are tackling.

“To bring a great organization like the Raiders is incredible, but it’s bigger than that. It’s about the MLS coming here; it’s about bringing in the biggest European teams like Manchester United.’’ Former Manchester United player David Beckham said.

Mark Davis is the owner of the Oakland Raiders, the American football team and his plan is to gain enough support to build a $1.4 billion stadium in Las Vegas and David Beckham is supporting this plan as the Englishman believes that if this indeed goes forward, it can also help out the soccer scene in USA as this stadium can also be used to host soccer matches and attract the attention of foreign clubs.

Even though David Beckham is no longer an actual player, he still is hard at work trying to promote the sport in the USA and this also helps out his Miami franchise expansion team which is in the process of being officially established and are aiming to compete in the MLS but have been held back by the stadium.