Beckham Promotes Football In China

David Beckham is one of the untarnished heroes of England’s football arena, not hurt by the recent dismal performances that the team has showcased as in Euro 2016 where the country has experienced defeat.

He had captained the country’s team for a period of nine years and today he is on a tour in China, sharing his experiences and skills with school children in this country. He was recently at Zhixin High School, which is located in Guangzhou city in south China. Here he showcased his football skills. This football ace player is as well known for his career in football as for the glamorous life that he leads. Being a father of four children, he is currently on a campaign that is sponsored by Adidas. The focus of the campaign is to help the sport sector of the country.

The experience and teachings of Beckham were found to be valuable by the children and their teachers when he graced a football training camp with his presence. David is a former captain of the English team; he also helped to open a new store in the same Chinese province. He then went on to spend time teaching children in a primary school some football skills of his own.

The brand was endorsed by him throughout the camp and the visit to the store. He was wearing a branded white and a black T shirt where the logo is emblazoned in front. The tiny counterparts of the camp were also given Adidas kits to try on. The camp and the opening of the store are part of the campaign that is being promoted by the Chinese government. They are trying to get businesses going into this sector with a target of 5 trillion Yuan for the sector by the year 2025.