Gareth Bale has found a supporter as David Beckham

Gareth Bale has found a supporter in the form of the former England captain, David Beckham.

At this point in time when hardly anyone seems to be showing trust in Bale to fire, Beckham’s come out backing the Welshman.

According to Beckham, the Welsh winger is in the top brass of 4 or 5 players in the world right now, but, as happens with everyone is the sporting arena; the form never quite remains the same. It gets up and down every now and then and unfortunately for Bale, the form is not quite the best at the moment, but, he is good enough to be able to see this tough, little period through and come back stronger.

Beckham was present in the studio of the British channel Sky Sports the other evening.

When he was asked about the loss of form that Bale has suffered, the former Manchester United playmaker said, “It happens with players. You can’t have a great run every season. You have to go through these sorts of phases. Gareth just needs to stay strong and there is no doubt in my mind that he will stay strong. He is a brilliant lad, quite tough and he will hang in there.” Continue reading Gareth Bale has found a supporter as David Beckham