Dyke Discusses Betting Ban

completely to place any kind of bets on football matches.  Recently Dan Gosling from Newcastle United confessed to the FA that he has been betting on different Premier League matches; however he submitted his betting winning which was close to 5000 pounds to a charity run by the club. Previously Premier League players Cameron Jerome and Andros Townsend have been penalized heavily for breaching these rules.

Dyke reported to a popular television channel that although any final decision hasn’t been taken yet, but a ‘complete ban’ one betting is one of the few essential topics that are under discussion as of now.

The Football Association is looking at the topic much keenly regarding who at all should be allowed to indulge in betting in this industry, and with a very short span of time, they will introduce a policy to put a check on such acts. Scotland is one country which ensures full ban on betting, wherein the English clubs have the liberty to do so, under obvious restrictions. The current rules and regulation pertaining to betting on football has been clearly mentioned in the website of FA. Rule E8b clearly states no player will indirectly or directly bet on any game which they or their team is a part of along with the competition they have been or are a part of.

Along with that, the footballers are forbidden to place and kind of bets on a tournament or league in which he or his team has participated that season or will be participating in the future. The FA investigators have mentioned that charges against Gosling’s are related to multiple violations, which is why the midfielder, only of 24, has asked for a personal hearing with the FA to explain his situation.