The retired soccer star David Beckham and the Major League Soccer have taken a step forward in the project that the former PSG player has been playing in the last few years. Beckham wants to field a new Miami team and the local officials unanimously approved the efforts on finding an appropriate stadium location.

This was the first test in the political aspect of the soccer venture that Beckham is planning on doing. This vote has given the county officials authority to identify possible stadium sites and negotiate construction contracts with developers.

MLS arguably is the highest soccer league that is played in the United States and they have already stated the importance that is on getting a final stadium deal as well as a business plan before having approved a new team and squad.

‘’We can’t go to Miami without the right stadium solution,’’ MLS Commissioner Don Garber said during his state of the league address ahead of the MLS Cup final which was played in Kansas City in the beginning of December. ‘’David understands that, the city understands that, that is an undisputable fact,’’ he said.

Beckham who has played in Manchester United, Real Madrid and Ac.Milan as some of his career highlights wants to make a price cut of $25 million in his MLS contract to start a new franchise.

There still are a number of errands left to do including having to negotiate site plans with the county and leasing the port location which will help build a privately financed stadium. Miami’s top architecture firm, Arquitectonica, has also been hired to design the stadium.

Even though there still are a number of things left to do, Beckham said in an interview that the project is getting closer and closer to its completion.

“We’re almost there,” Beckham told the BBC in an interview.