David Moyes has admitted that being the manager of Manchester United is tougher than being the manager of any other club in the world.

This is Moyes’ first season as Manchester United boss and he is feeling the heat even before the start of the season.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, the Scot admitted that he hasn’t found life easy at Old Trafford, but, at the same time, he also said that he is trying hard to adjust.

Moyes said, “It’s not easy to be a Manchester United manager. You are under the scanner all the time. The pressure is immense.”

“I managed Everton for quite a while and I enjoyed there. But, I will have to admit that United’s level is different. It can’t be compared to any other club in the world to be honest. The fan following, the media attention, everything is phenomenal at this club.”

“I am desperately waiting for the season to begin. It must be special to enter Old Trafford as the manager of Manchester United. I am looking forward to that moment.”

In the pre-season games, United hasn’t had much success. Out of the 6 pre-season games that they played, the Red Devils managed to win only a couple.

Manchester United will have the chance to win their first trophy of the season when they take on Wigan Athletic in the Community Shield match on Sunday at the Wembley Stadium.

When asked about that match, Moyes said, “It would be wonderful to kick off the season on a winning note. If we manage to win Community shield, the credit of that will go to Sir Alex. He guided us to the Premier League title last season and that’s because we are playing the community shield game.”


Brazilian superstar Neymar, who recently completed a £ 50 million move to Barcelona, has been regarded as a fashion icon back in his home country. He has been compared with England superstar David Beckham, who has been regarded as one for the last decade. Beckham came through the ranks at Manchester United before going on to create a rich history with the likes of Real Madrid and AC Milan. He has won all the major trophies like the Champions League, while he is also the first Englishman to have lifted league titles in four different countries.

Beckham is viewed as one of the icons of the metrosexual world. Neymar has said that he is similar to Beckham in a number of respects, but he does not think that he can match the former United superstar. Neymar has admitted that he does shave his legs, which is seen as one of the metrosexual things of the modern world. Unlike most men, Neymar has said that he also prefers shopping a lot as well. Despite spending a lot of money on grooming products, Neymar has said that he does not think he is a metrosexual man and does not want to be compared with Beckham.

“Yes, it is true that I like to go out and buy new clothes, nice perfumes and hair products. I also shave my legs for example. I do not see myself as a metrosexual, though. That was more something for Beckham, who was more stylish. I might be a bit pretentious, but I don’t see that as a problem. I occasionally jump and dive, but only to protect myself. I want to make sure that defenders cannot injure me,” said Neymar about his metrosexual nature and diving allegations.

The 21-year-old has been criticised for going to the ground too easily.