The LA Galaxy star David Beckham has said that he always enjoyed the matches between Scotland and England. The former Manchester United midfielder is regarded as an icon in British football. He is currently playing for the MLS club LA Galaxy. Even though he is still available for selection for the England national team, it is highly unlikely that he will be able to get back into the team at 35 years of age. He was looking to get back into the national team fold at the London Olympics 2012 along with the Team GB. However, he was not selected by the manager Stuart Pearce.

He has said that he has particularly enjoyed the battle between England and Scotland. Him and Barry Robson were recently caught in a furious fight in the recent match with the Vancouver Whitecaps. David Beckham, though, has laughed off any suggestions of rivalry between the two players by saying that it happened in the heat of the moment. As a result of the on the pitch fury shown by David Beckham, the former England midfielder will now miss a few matches. David Beckham scored a wonderful goal to help LA Galaxy draw the match 2-2.

“He’s Scottish and I’m English so there is always a little bit of bite there. We went at it a little bit but we spoke after and it was all fine. We both desperately want to win the game and that’s nice to have because it shows that people care. A lot of people look up to him. He’s a terrific talent and a nice guy as well. When you’re on the football pitch, I’m sure he doesn’t care who anybody is and I don’t care who anybody is,” said David Beckham after the end of the match that saw LA Galaxy pick up a point.